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The Quilts of Angela Walters

Sponsored by Robert Kaufman Fabrics
For over ten years, Angela Walters has captivated modern quilters with her fresh, intricate quilting motifs. Angela’s quilting designs elevate each quilt she works with, and she continues to push modern quilting forward by incorporating traditional and modern designs in new, inspiring ways. This special exhibit will showcase Angela’s quilting not only on her own quilts, but also quilts by Tula Pink, Emily Cier, Jacquie Gering, Alexandra Ledgerwood, Cherri House, and more.

Siddi Quilts

Sponsored by Beyond the Reef Patterns
When Henry Drewel visited Karnataka, he was amazed to find that the distinctive textiles of the Siddis, Indians of African descent, are practically unknown, even within India. This exhibit showcases exquisite work by artists who are members of the Siddi Womens’ Quilt Cooperative. Their quilts contain vibrant colors and beautiful hand stitching.

Quilt Design a Day

Sponsored by Bloc-Loc
Members of the Quilt Design a Day group (QDAD) challenge themselves to design a quilt each day based on a “spark” or inspiration photo. For this exhibit, several members created works based on the same spark, showcasing the versatility of quilt design and the breadth of their design and quilting talents.

Charleston MQG & Emanuel AME Church Project

After the tragic shootings at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in June 2015, the Charleston Modern Quilt Guild reached out to the modern quilt community to help create a gift of love and support for the church. Using social media, they asked people from across the country and around the world to send in 3” x 6” blocks of fabric with the maker’s name and hometown written on the block. There was a deadline given of five weeks out so that a quilt could be assembled at a retreat planned for the first weekend in August. The hope was that they would receive approximately 500 blocks to make into a 90×90 quilt. Over 3000 blocks were received from all 50 states and 19 different countries. Many of these came with messages of love and hope, all of which have been saved.

A total of seven quilts were made (six 90×90 quilts and one small lap quilt). The lyrics to Amazing Grace and Swing Low, Sweet Chariot were used for the quilting. These quilts are full of support from the modern quilt world and are an amazing example of the beauty that can come in the face of tragedy.

The Modern Quilt Guild’s 2016 Quilts of the Month

Sponsored by Fat Quarter Shop
Each month, Modern Quilt Guild members receive a free pattern, designed by an MQG member. Productions of the 12 quilt patterns from 2016 will be displayed in this exhibit.

Kona Color of the Year 2016

Sponsored by Robert Kaufman Fabrics
Each year, Robert Kaufman creates one new, LIMITED EDITION Kona Cotton Color of the Year, which will only be available within that designated year and will retire at its conclusion. The 2016 Color of the Year, Highlight, is a bright and refreshing yellow hue that can be a delicate addition, a bold accent, or steal the show altogether. We wanted to put together an exhibit that would showcase just that, so we partnered with 60 of the industry’s leading quilters to bring you the Kona Color of the Year Special Exhibit – 60 diverse quilts for every kind of quilter.

The Pulse of Quilting

This exhibit is a visual representation of the #quiltsforpulse movement started by Orlando MQG. The quilting community went above and beyond to help the Orlando MQG this year with the #quiltsforpulse movement. At this exhibit, attendees can view photos and see the designs and fabrics used in the 1,700+ quilts collected, and read the notes posted to understand the enormity of effort it took to make this happen. The love sewn into these quilts was sent from all over the world and all 50 states, and that love was felt throughout the community. The Orlando MQG is so thankful and honored for everyone’s help with this project. We are proud of what the quilting community was able to accomplish.

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